• Alex

Tasty Sushi but check out experience not so good

Updated: Jan 12

Went for a late lunch at Sushi Hub @ Tweed City Shopping Centre.

Ordered a chicken and avocado sushi roll. The sushi was a little warm, but the roll was easy to bit into. The chicken was crumbled, the avocado fresh and no Japanese mayonnaise. Just the way I like it. Overall it was tasty.

My mum had a Salmon and Avocado roll had thought it was decent and the filling didn't fall out at the end on her last bite.

A let down was when we went went to pay, they had a sign saying that their eftpos machine was having difficulties so they only accepted cash. Mum commented they had the same sign up just before Christmas a few weeks ago. Who carries money these days with 'touch and go' and Applepay?

If this was my business I'd get on top of the technical difficulty asap.

2 Mini Foodies Critic Rating: 3.5 stars

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