• Angel

Avocado Sushi

Updated: Jan 12

The sushi was very nice and chilled. I liked it, however there wasn't much avocado filling in it. The seaweed was a little chewy so the first bite I had to rip it off.

Alex had a chicken and avocado roll and commented that there was too much of the yellow mayonnaise so he didn't finish his.

The packaging in the clear plastic box was neat and I love the little fish shaped soy sauce bottle.

There was nothing extraordinary about the service at Samurai Sushi at the Banora Village Shopping Centre. The man was unenthused. He accepted cash and eftpos.

The shopfront is clean but very small so with COVID-19 it was difficult to maintain social distancing when people wanted to view the display shelf.

2 Mini Foodies Critic Rating: 3.4 Stars

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